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  1. With spring on it’s way I thought the first ‘Yarn & Pattern Match’ would be something that reflects the feeling of spring, the feeling when your senses are inundated with new life all around you and you just can’t keep from smiling!

    The yarn I’ve chosen is the OOAK in Mauve, Tan & Yellow. It is such a pretty colour and I think it is perfect for spring as well as the pattern I’ve paired it with.
    The pattern is newly released from the designer Nadia Crétin-Léchenne and is a super sweet baby cardigan with the cutest little shoulder increases you’ve ever seen.
    One skein is enough to make one of the 3 smallest sizes: 0/3 - 3/6 - 6/12 months.

    Eole and OOAK Mauve, Tan, Yellow

    Eole by Nadia Crétin-Léchenne and OOAK in Mauve, Tan &Yellow (the link will take you to my Etsy shop where I have 2 slightly different skeins in this colourway).

  2. I’ve had a wonderful and relaxing holiday, spending a lot of time with my DH, family and friends.

    But I also found time to dye a bit and have a few of new gorgeous colour ways; Nautilus, pictured below, and Purple Reign if you love rich and deep colours (both available in Sport and BFL Sock) and if you’re more of a lover of neutrals I have a wonderful warm taupe called Utopia (currently available in BFL Sock).

    And if your partner want a pair of socks but is ‘afraid’ of bright colurs, check out my A Walk in the Forest, a dark green and brown variegated sock yarn.

    I have also started sketching on a new shawl pattern but more of that soon… :)



  3. Royal Mail’s shipping charges are the bane of small businesses... and during my first year of business I have been charging at cost but always felt it’s just a bit too expensive, especially if you only buy one or two skeins of wool.

    So, dear friends of The Knitting Swede, as my Christmas present to all of you I have changed the way I charge for shipping completely, making it much simpler and cheaper.

    The postage is now a flat fee based on two things; where in the world you are and your order value: up to £50 or over £50.

    I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you and yours a very Happy New Year.