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  1. Dear customers and fellow knitters,

    When I designed Rubies and Steel I had an idea in my head and the colours to match my idea happened to coincide with some Wollmeise Lace I had in my stash at the time.

    With great enthusiasm I started designing and knitting away without thinking about yardage too much or the fact that Wollmeise can be difficult to get hold of.

    Rubies and Steel

    Since then, many of you have bought the pattern, and talked to me about it online or in person at events like Unwind & Fibre East; asking if it would be possible to make a smaller shawl or adapt the pattern to use no more than 2 skeins of 4ply for the main colour, instead of 2.3 skeins... (i.e. reducing the current 930m for the main colour to under 800m.).

    Taking this feedback on board, I have decided I will be re-writing the pattern, using no more than 3 skeins in total; 2 skeins for the main colour and 1 skein of contrasting colour.

    I’m confident it is possible to do while retaining the same look and feel, but making it more economical to knit.

    Naturally, everyone who has already purchased the pattern will receive the 'new' version for free.

    For the same reasons, I am also working on an update of Sunset Boulevard, to use one skein of 4ply instead of Wollmeise Lace.

    I know this is not common practice but you, my customers, are important to me and I do value the excellent feedback I receive from you ☺

    Kind regards,

  2. I’m back home from an amazing weekend at Fibre East… celebrating with my totally awesome husband and a glass [or two] of Champagne.

    As many of you know, I’m fairly new to this game of yarn dyeing and I’m not the most prolific of designers – BUT, I truly love what I do and I take as great care in writing patterns as I do dyeing.

    Fibre East was my third show as a vendor, Wonderwool Wales earlier this year being the first, and Unwind Brighton 2 weeks ago the second.

    And I can unabashedly say that I, The Knitting Swede, have the best customers on this planet! (that’s all of you, by the way!)

    YOU ROCK!!

    Every single one of you… whether you came past my stall at Fibre East to :

    Yarnball  just to say “Hi” and tell me that you loved the yarn and/or pattern you bought at Wonderwool / Unwind, or

    Yarnball  you contacted me just before Fibre East to ask me to set aside a particular yarn or colour for you as you couldn’t come by until Sunday, or, (and this is my favourite)

    Yarnball  you’d spent your budget, got a couple of skeins anyway, then came back an hour later for another skein…

    Yarnball  or the lovely ladies who just came by for a laugh and to flirt with my Hubby . . . again!  :-)  (You know who you are)

    A truly heartfelt “Thank You” from a happy and exhausted Swede. 

    I also want to take the opportunity to thank the organisers of Fibre East, you did an amazing job and made it such a joy for us vendors to be a part of FE.  I sincerely hope you’ll have me back next year ;-)

    Happy Knitting


    P.S.  If you couldn't come by here's a picture of my small corner stall just before we finished setting up.

    Fibre East 2014

  3. When I started The Knitting Swede, I started very small... I only had two [4ply] bases, one was 100% BFL and the other 75% BFL & 25% Nylon, popularly referred to as sock yarn  :-)
    With only 2 bases it didn’t really occur to me to give them names… and to be honest, I find naming my colours difficult enough!

    However, as I have been adding bases I have realised I can’t dodge that specific bullet any more and have spent a significant amount of time trying to come up with suitable names for my bases.  I had many ideas of what to base the names on (such as rivers, the Arthurian legend…) but finally settled on giving them ‘descriptive’ or ‘intuitive’ names.

    Anyway, without further ado, please let me introduce the new names:


    CHARISMA - Lace
    55% Superwashed BFL / 45% Silk, 800m per 100gr
    80% Superwashed BFL / 20% Silk, 800m per 100gr

    4ply / Fingering:

    55% Superwashed BFL / 45% Silk, 400m per 100gr
    100% Superwashed BFL, 400m per 100gr
    75% Superwashed BFL / 25% Nylon, 425m per 100gr

    5ply / SPORT:

    SPARTAN - Sport
    100% Superwashed BFL, 262m per 100gr
    60% BFL / 20% Silk / 20 Nylon, 260m per 100gr

    I hope you like them and that you find them intuitive.

    Over the next few weeks I will be updating both my website’s shop and my Etsy shop.
    As this will take a little bit of time you might find that if you place an order during these weeks you might be getting mix of old and new labels on the skeins.

    Happy Knitting