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  1. It’s taken me a few days to gather my thoughts and ‘relax’ back into a more normal day to day routine after getting back from Wonderwool Wales.

    I loved Wonderwool.  I loved Wales.  Such a green and beautiful countryside - I could have driven around on those country roads for hours exploring the most remote and beautiful areas…

    Wonderwool was very well organised and a truly lovely event, the perfect first experience of a fiber show.  Everyone was so friendly and helpful; the organisers and the staff on the ground (such as the stewards) as well as the other exhibitors.
    And the customers!! Wow, all of them lovers of fiber and yarn and really lovely!

    If they’ll have me back next year I’ll be there in a heartbeat  :-D
    So a big thank you to the organisors and their hard work.  You did an amazing job!

    Personally I found the experience very valuable.  I now know what to do differently, and hopefully better, for my next event.  I feel I did the best I could lacking any previous experience and together with my partner in crime, Linda of Kettle Yarn Co., we put up a really nice booth for a couple of first timers!

    On another note, you may have noticed I’m now running a Spring Sale on Etsy - 15% off everything in the shop until noon on Saturday 31st May.

    So, if you never got to go to Wonderwool and see my yarns in person, and if you haven’t tried my yarns yet, I’d say now is the perfect time to snag that colour you’ve been eyeing before it’s gone forever.

    Some colours will be repeated and dyed in the future but not all and most likely in another base.

    Happy Knitting

  2. The last few weeks have been manic to say the least.  I have been preparing for Wonderwool Wales – dyeing yarn and fiber like there’s no tomorrow!  But there have also been all those other bits that need to be done before a show, especially if it’s your first show ever…!

    Take a simple thing such as the backdrop.  Not a problem per se… and if I had a million £££ I could choose from a wealth of gorgeous fabrics, but as it is, I don’t have a million £££ so my choices are all of a sudden limited to about 3.
    So, now I’ve chosen the fabric I have to decide by which means to hang it so I can buy the appropriate length of fabric and sew / prepare it as necessary.  Not as easy as it sounds.

    Trust me.

    EVERY show have different means of sectioning off the stalls (and different heights), so I needed to figure out a way that would work on ‘all types of walls’ and heights, but that would at the same time be easy to put up and take down – I don’t want to spend an hour on the backdrop every time I’m setting up my stall… see where I’m going with this?  And this is just the backdrop!

    There’s a lot to think about when exhibiting for the first time… but hopefully I’ve done a good enough job and my stall won’t look too shabby :-)

    I think I might have driven my husband to distraction by being totally cool and OK one day then a nervous wreck the next, worrying about every thing from ‘have I dyed enough yarn/fiber’ to what kind of tape do I need to bring?

    Anyway, my hubby has been enormously supporting and patient with me and even done his bit to help make my job easier.  Seeing how much time it took to re-skein dyed skeins he put his ‘thinking hat’ on and made me a home made electrical skein winder - how about that!!

    Do I know how to pick a man or what ;-)

    If you are visiting Wonderwool this weekend, please come by and say hello, you can find us at Stand S10.

    Happy Knitting

    Both shops (this one and Etsy) will be closed from Tursday 24th as I will be bringing pretty much all my stock to Wonderwool.  I’m back home on Monday 28th and will reopen the shops as soon I’ve done my stock taking, hopefully on Tuesday 29th.

  3. Hmm, spring seems to have been put on hold for a little while here in the UK.  We have had some bitter days and nights recently.  I’m also too stubborn to bring out the winter gloves again – I WANT SPRING – so I have been using my long fingerless mitts a lot.  They are a godsend when wearing a ¾ sleeved top and the cold air creeps up the sleeves of the jacket, brrr!

    With that in mind, I was searching Ravelry for fingerless mittens using Sport weight / 5ply yarn as it would knit up quickly but be a bit toastier than Sock / 4ply.

    There is one pattern in particular I have been eyeing, and it’s the Elger Long Fingerless Mitts by Linda Lehman.  If you like cables you will LOVE these mitts!

    I can easily imagine them in my Sport with Silk in the colourway Nautilus.

    Soft and luxurious with a wonderful stitch definition.  The BFL and Nylon gives it strength while the silk adds a beautiful sheen and touch of luxury.
    The Sport w Silk can easily be substituted for the Sport in 100% BFL which currently is only available in my Etsy Shop.

    Yarn & Pattern Match 2









    The pattern, Elger Long Fingerless Mitts, is from the designer Linda Lehman of Wearable Art Emporium.