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  1. Wonderwool will always be a little bit special to me.

    Last year, Wonderwool was the first ever event I attended as a vendor and not as a visitor.

    This year, The Knitting Swede’s first ‘show-versary’ at Wonderwool was celebrated with a bang – even the sun came out to smile at us despite the dreaded weather forecast which had promised cold and rain all weekend.

    We met so many lovely people with so many nice things to say about my stall and my yarn - thank you for coming by and I hope to see you again.

    We also met ‘old friends’ that came by to show us what they had made with previous purchases!

    It was lovely to see you again and I appreciate you bringing your projects, finished or not, with you to show me… so many beautiful things giving me too many ideas of what I’d like to knit for myself if I can ever find the time  :-)

    Sunday afternoon arrived quickly and I finally found the time to walk around a bit to say hi to other vendors and maybe make a purchase or two… or three…

    I never managed to see the Gingerbread House but I did see the awesome Giant Cardigan by Lisa Hellier, made to mark the Cardigan’s 900th anniversary.

    www 2015giant cardigan front


    www 2015 giant cardigan back

    So, despite both hubby and I having a cold, making the drive there and back quite tough, we thoroughly enjoyed Wonderwool and hope to be back next year.

    I will leave you with a photo of my stall...

    www 2015 stall w me

    ...and a photo of couple of our neighbours :-)


    Happy knitting,


  2. Wow!  What a weekend!
    A heartfelt thank you to everyone stopped by the stall to have a chat and maybe for a bit of shopping  :-)

    Panoramic shot of the Great Hall before opening:
    unravel panorama

    I have heard so many good things about Unravel from both vendors and visitors so I was really looking forward to my first show – and as a vendor at that - and I must say all my hopes and expectations were surpassed on the first day.

    I left the house with the car packed to the gills and came back with a much lighter load – packing up after a show has never been so quick and easy!!

    Although being crazy busy from opening on Friday until closing on Sunday, I did manage to sneak away from the stall during a brief lull on Sunday afternoon, leaving my ever so supportive husband to man the stall, to make a couple of lovely purchases.

    Something I needed (read wanted!!) for some time now is the Layercake Knitting Smock by Tall Yarns… and I might just have gotten two of them… they are so funky, versatile and practical.

    Apart from the smocks, I couldn’t resist John Arbon’s Alpaca Supreme Top and about 100g each of the Mid Golden Brown and a silvery grey//black (can’t remember the name) ended up coming home with me  ;-)

    Sunday evening arrived and as we packed up the rain started.  It made the drive home slow and it took way longer than expected as the rain became almost torrential.

    However, finally at home, and sitting down in the sofa with hubby, was a very tired but very happy Swede!


  3. I know, I know… after every fiber/yarn event, I come back and wax lyrical about it.
    It really isn’t my fault, you know.  I’ve just been lucky enough to have been part of some great events this year, and Bakewell Wool Gathering certainly was one of them!

    Due to early issues with the application I almost didn’t make it!  But after contacting Carole she managed to find me a space (apologies for the fuzzy photo): 


    It was a great weekend and an awesome event.
    Even the weather was excellent, a spring like 18 degrees Celsius with blue skies and sun every day.

    I did have a moment of panic on Friday morning though, when I got an email from the B&B cancelling the booking I had made for the weekend!!
    So… with only an hour or so before we had to leave we also had to find somewhere to stay…

    However, like a superhero, my darling hubby calmly told me to finish whatever I had left to do while he found us somewhere to stay.  Within moments he had found us a hotel in Chesterfield, a nice town only about 20 minutes from the venue in Bakewell.

    I want to thank Carole, for doing such an amazing job and for taking the time to find me a space.  I sincerely hope you’ll have me back next year :-)

    Happy Knitting