Wonderwool Wales 2015

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Wonderwool will always be a little bit special to me.

Last year, Wonderwool was the first ever event I attended as a vendor and not as a visitor.

This year, The Knitting Swede’s first ‘show-versary’ at Wonderwool was celebrated with a bang – even the sun came out to smile at us despite the dreaded weather forecast which had promised cold and rain all weekend.

We met so many lovely people with so many nice things to say about my stall and my yarn - thank you for coming by and I hope to see you again.

We also met ‘old friends’ that came by to show us what they had made with previous purchases!

It was lovely to see you again and I appreciate you bringing your projects, finished or not, with you to show me… so many beautiful things giving me too many ideas of what I’d like to knit for myself if I can ever find the time  :-)

Sunday afternoon arrived quickly and I finally found the time to walk around a bit to say hi to other vendors and maybe make a purchase or two… or three…

I never managed to see the Gingerbread House but I did see the awesome Giant Cardigan by Lisa Hellier, made to mark the Cardigan’s 900th anniversary.

www 2015giant cardigan front


www 2015 giant cardigan back

So, despite both hubby and I having a cold, making the drive there and back quite tough, we thoroughly enjoyed Wonderwool and hope to be back next year.

I will leave you with a photo of my stall...

www 2015 stall w me

...and a photo of couple of our neighbours :-)


Happy knitting,


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