New Year, New Challenge

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If you followed my old website; welcome to my new online shop, I hope you like the facelift :)
If you are new to The Knitting Swede; welcome, enjoy your visit and come back soon!

I hope you all closed the book on 2011 on a high and entered the year of 2012 with many exciting things to look forward to.

For me, 2012 is starting off with one big and very exciting challenge – my new online shop!

A few years ago I started up a blog where you could follow me and what I was getting up to in my life.  Everything from travel and taking my driving licence to what I was knitting or designing.  I also sold some of my patterns through the blog.

Towards the second half of last year I decided to take it a step further – I wanted to start up a small online shop centred around knitting.
Ever since I made my husband a knitted cover to protect his MacBook Air during his travels, he has been pushing me to make covers for sale as most people he encountered asked where they could get hold of one.
So, with the idea for the first product clearly defined plus some pattern designs rattling around in my brain I took the plunge.

With the full support of my lovely husband and some expert help from a great graphic designer, my logo for The Knitting Swede was born and thus the beginnings of this website.

Over the last three months I’ve worked on setting up this website (and closing down the old one) as well as creating literally a mountain of prototype covers for iPads, MacBooks, Acer tablets (and the like), searching for the best combination of yarn and design.
At the moment there are only 2 styles of covers in my shop, but I’ll be adding more as I create more successful styles and designs.

Another thing I wanted to offer was shawl pins which I would like to wear myself; the kind that doesn’t try to either stab you, constantly come undone, or cost too much.

And finally, I will continue to design knitting patterns as I enjoy the creative side of designing too much to give it up :)

Please have a look in my shop, and if you don’t find what you are looking for (still talking covers and shawl pins!!) send me a message, as I might be able to make it for you.

Or if you prefer, come back another time and have a look at what I might have come up with while you looked away!

All the best,

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  1. Hubby

    Hiya, Great to see your blog up and running (especially the bits about darling Hubby!!). I'm 100% behind you, so lets go get 'em! Love Hubby

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