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Blossom Pic1I so wish spring was here... or at least the smell of spring in the air!
But London is determined to make me wait.

I know, it is only the middle of February.  But I FEEL like spring, I want to put my sunglasses on and go for a walk or a drive out to the countryside.

What I don’t want to do anymore is to put on my wellies, 3 knitted jumpers, hat, gloves and a Mac (or alternatively use an umbrella) just to pop out to the corner shop.

The worst thing is that I’ve been feeling like this for a while now... so what did I do about it?

I designed Blossom.  And yes, it did make me feel better :)
The colour is awesome and makes me happy, the pattern is pretty (at least I think so) and the yarn is silk. Aaahhhh...

I washed and gently blocked her.  I waited patiently (overnight) for her to dry.

Then came the time to take some pictures.
Days passed while I waited, for what feels like forever, for the sun to come out just a little bit, I waited for the patches of grass to look less icy or water logged, and I searched for the smallest bush with any green left in it...

I took the pictures in my house.  Again.

If you like Blossom you can purchase the pattern HERE.
The link will take you to Ravelry.

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