Felted Sleeves - a new product in the pipeline

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Lately I have been busy testing a new product;  Felted Sleeves.

Having started my little business with knitted sleeves, the next logical step has to be to make felted sleeves for those customers wanting something that feels a bit more 'sturdy'.

Seems a lot of women are happy with the knitted sleeve.  As we (women) tend to put our Kindle or iPad in our handbag our main concern is scratches and dust... and that the sleeve doesn't take up too much space.
Quite a few gents have asked if I make anything a little bit more 'sturdy', something that they can put in their backpack (or even gym bag).  They don't want to be concerned with the issue of wear and tear of a knitted sleeve...

Fair enough, I thought, and started felting  :)

So, some of you might wonder what a felted sleeve is and how it differs from the knitted sleeve?
Well, it is a knitted sleeve that has been agitated during washing allowing the fibres to 'fuse' together and the sleeve to shrink (on purpose!).  The finished sleeve looks less like a knitted product and more like a thick slightly fuzzy fabric.  It is also quite dense and will withstand wear and tear better than a knitted piece will, and as it is denser, it will also protect your electronics a tad better.

I hope to have some felted sleeves in my shop in a few weeks time.
However, as felting is quite tricky to get right, I will not be offering it as a Custom Sized Sleeve.

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