A Good Day To Dye

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It’s been a very busy few weeks here at The Knitting Swede.
For some time now I’ve been planning to retire my felted sleeves and enter the realm of Hand Dyed Yarn!

The last few weeks have been about putting it all in place; coming up with a few colour ways, successfully recreating them and dying at least 3 skeins in each colour way so I would have something to open up the shop with.

But before that last stage, the biggest challenge was to find good quality un-dyed base yarns.  That turned out to be... well, not as easy as I thought!
I new I wanted to carry BFL (Blue Faced Leicester).  I love the lustre and strength of BFL, and the fact that it is a ‘local’ breed was also a deciding factor.

After some research I eventually had a list of 5 possible suppliers.
I contacted them to either buy one skein each of 100% BFL and BFL/Nylon mix to compare price and quality, or ask if they had samples to offer me.
To keep a long story short, Fyberspates, was the one supplier that ticked all the boxes.
I like her yarns personally so next step was to check out the reviews on Ravelry before I settled for Fyberspates as my first supplier!
I bought a couple of kilos of her BFL/Nylon mix and a kilo of her 100% BFL.
The mixed yarn is the one you can currently find in my shop, as BFL Sock, and the pure BFL will be going in the dye pot soon!

Wishing for spring to arrive, my first few colour ways are quite ‘spring like’ which I hope you will like, and if it’s not to your taste, I hope to see you back here soon to check out what else I come up with!

By the way, if you wonder about the title, it is one of my colour ways :)

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  1. The Knitting Swede

    Reply to JoanieBaloney. Thank you. I'm a big fan of oranges as well :)

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  2. JoanieBaloney

    All the best to you on this new adventure! I look forward to seeing more. I love pinks and oranges should you need some color ideas!

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  3. The Knitting Swede

    Reply to Knitstostaysane and grrr8rn. Thank you both very much for you kind comments!

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  4. grrr8rn

    Love the colors ! I am a new knitter(old person) but love vibrant reds and lavenders and greens. Also saw the featured yarns on Knit Girllls. I predict poverty as a result of yarn soon!! :)

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  5. Knitstostaysane

    I've just watched the knitgirllls and seen your yarn. Gorgeous. I'm a sock and lace knitter so I'd love to see some lace weight in your shop. When it comes to colour I love purples. In a sock yarn I love tonal variation in colour to show off patterning. Hope this gives some inspiration. I'm off to hide my credit card! Your yarn is not good for my diet!!

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