Knit Night with a Nordic Twist

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Once a week I drive in to town for an evening of knit and natter with other yarn/knitting obsessed people; knit night at Loop in Islington.
It might not be the nearest one to me (40 min drive away) but from the knitting groups I’ve visited it is the group I enjoy the most.  The variety of people is one reason I like it, ‘we’ (I feel I have the right to use the royal we as I’ve been a regular for quite some time now) have both regulars and occasional visitors (of all ages) from around the globe, all of which are very welcoming creating an atmosphere where no-one needs to feel they don’t quite fit in.

Another reason to love Loop and their knit nights are the visiting dignitaries.   Only last week we had Eline Oftedal, the author of Knit Nordic, with accompanying cameraman, visiting us.
Eline shared her inspiration behind her book and how she wants to reach a new audience by using the Nordic patterns in smaller projects such as accessories, vests and... hot pants!! (Many of the Nordic patterns are traditionally used in sweaters and cardigans).
Eline even demonstrated some of the techniques while knitting away on an iPhone cover during the evening.

I was lucky enough to have her sitting next to me when she got a break and found her charming and very easy to talk to as well as inspirational.

I’m already looking forward to her next visit to London :)

Happy Knitting

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